This competition focuses on designing a façade on a structure through Sustainable Approach. The Façade of the Building and its architecture should bring forth the richness of its context, creating a sustainable dialogue with the ethos of its surroundings. Consider the properties of materials used to give a sustainable approach, ease of construction and low-cost materials if possible. The idea is to re-purpose these materials into a functional façade design. There shall be no restriction of combining different objects or materials. Dismantle them, cut through them, break them, resize them but do not lose the real identity of the objects and by this, carve out spaces, which come together as a unique design. The designer should consider inherent properties of materials like thermal, insulation, u-vale, etc. and incorporate then in their design.

The design should be done on the front exterior wall of a structure with an area of 50 sq.ft. The proportion of openings and niches must be maintained.

Site Selection

Selecting the site is on the sole understanding of the participants. The site can be hypotheticals of any geographical location, topography and context. The designer is required to set up an ideal background for its building, creating a sense of wonder and awe.

Participation Eligibility

Any student pursuing their career in Architecture or any other design field is eligible for this competition. Any working professional is also eligible for the competition. The participant must register themselves before 10th January 2023. There is no limitation for number of entries from institutions. There should be more than 4 participants in group.

Submission requirement

Each entry is required to share 2-3 well composed A2 size sheets (PDF) with a format mentioning their name and institution.

The sheets must have: -

  • Concept
  • Contextual importance (impact of the selected location)
  • Material usage
  • Positive impact incurred through the Façade
  • If required, one can support the design with Architectural plan, elevations, sections, etc.

The scale of drawing will depend on participant. The submission should be a graphical presentation. The submission should be done in pdf format before 18th January 2023.

Top 2 Winners:

INR 5000 for 1st Prize
INR 3000 for 2nd Prize
INR 2000 for 3rd Prize

The top 2 entries will be certified and recognized by the PJMT.

  1. Send us your submission by 18th January’23 by emailing us on with all your design sheets combined in one file with your name, institution, social media handles
  2. Maximum 3 No. of A3 size sheets
  3. Submission pdf should be no heavier than 1 MB’s.
  4. After submitting your entry, add the same as a post and a story on your Instagram and Facebook and tag @premjainmemorialtrust and use #HPBM23 #HOLISTICGREENLIVING
  5. Make sure your profile is public for the entry to be counted
  6. Only one entry per participant is allowed
  7. Entries will be judged by Prof. V K Paul, Dean (Planning and Development), School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Winners will be announced during Prem Jain Memorial Address on virtual platform on 25th January 2023 at 2 pm and acknowledged on

Remember to tag @premjainmemorialtrust and use #PJMT #HPBM23 #HOLISTICGREENLIVING

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