About the Trust

Our Mission

To create, establish and maintain sustainability paradigm through education, recognition and nurturing of the present and future generations.

Our Vision
  • To establish a foundation in memory of late Dr. Prem Jain, with a mission to identify future leaders and to be a catalyst for global development of sustainability.
  • To achieve public good with the intent to influencing policy, thereby creating awareness and advocacy on sustainability and environment.
  • To foster sustainable development of education and practices, through recognition of public participation and innovation, alongside creating technological and economic incentives.
  • To nurture India's young talent and disseminate every form of education on sustainable development ecosystems, built environment, traditions, arts, crafts and related studies across academic institutions amidst the youth and working professionals.
  • To create a response mechanism for the evolving sustainability paradigm in the context of dynamic societal needs, technological advancements and realignment of economic priorities.
  • To nurture Innovation through talent recognition, shared learning and cultivating opportunities for incubation.


1. Promoting interface amongst sustainability champions and communities through interaction and network alliances.

2. Achieving sustainability through advocacy and awareness.

  • Awards, recognition, institution of prizes and ceremonies.
  • Creation of a large and small scale events and start a Memorial Lecture Series in memory of Dr. Prem Jain.
  • Publication of books and material that celebrate nature or environment.
  • Support research in areas of sustainable urban development, environment and natural ecosystems.
  • Instituting of Chair/s of Sustainability in his honour: in universities or schools of architecture, engineering or design that promote social well-being, economic efficiency, better physical environment and cutting edge ecological programs, that are economically self-sufficient.

3. Design and development of education on ecology and environment, sustainability and related studies among schools and colleges, working professionals from every walk of life.

  • Supporting unsung, unrecognized young bright talent in schools and colleges, who hail from indigent families or are underprivileged, with the interventions from the foundation. These can span across art & crafts, communities and performing arts that celebrate India's ancient conservation heritage and traditions and other talents that are unique to India and the biodiversity of her peoples, cultures and living traditions.
  • Promoting green innovations, technologies and celebrating achievements of technologists dedicated to promote sustainability.