The Prem Jain Memorial Trust invites you to participate in ‘NOT just JEANS’ Challenge - REUSE, REPURPOSE & RECYCLE. Denim is made from natural, sustainable cotton, making it possible to repurpose, refashion and reimagine. Once your jeans have lived their life, give them a new ‘Avatar’ and do your bit for the environment and our beautiful planet through circularity. Each garment you recycle adds to the crusade of sustainability, reducing and diverting textile waste and creating new possibilities for our community.

In this challenge, we are expecting participants to use old DENIM GARMENTS and create something functional, another garment, a cool product, a bag, home furnishings, accessories or anything which can be used and will give these old jeans a new lease of life, rather than tossing them in the trash.

Let your creativity soar and explore your inner Green warrior and Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Top 3 Winners:

INR 3000 for 1st Prize
INR 2000 for 2nd Prize
INR 1000 for 3rd Prize

The top 3 entries will be certified and recognized by the PJMT.

  1. Put together your thoughts in a physical format
  2. Record the process and take a photo of final product with details
  3. File should not be heavier than 1MB
  4. Send us your submission in thru mail by 18th January’23 by emailing us on with your name, institution, social media handles
  5. After submitting your entry, add the story of your entry on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @premjainmemorialtrust and use #PJMT #HPBM23 #HOLISTICGREENLIVING
  6. Make sure your profile is public for the entry to be counted
  7. Entries will be judged by Ms. Payal Jain – Fashion Designer

Winners will be announced during Prem Jain Memorial Address on 25th January 2023 at 2 pm at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi and acknowledged on

Remember to tag @premjainmemorialtrust and use Hashtags #PJMT #HPBM23 #HOLISTICGREENLIVING

Join us to celebrate #HPBM23 India’s largest virtual green event.