Near Zero Waste: Approaches to Buildings and Cities

Reference Reading

Living Building Series: Near Zero Dialogue Part 5.

Presenter: Subba Rao Kumar

Thursday, 07 May 10:30am-12:15pm.

We welcome you to the Webinar Program Scheduled for May 07 Living Building Series.

10:15am-10:30am : Log in and Registration
10:30am-10:35am : Ashish Rakheja : Opening Remarks
10:35am-10:45am : Hariharan Chandra : An Introduction to the Dialogue of the Day
10:45am-11:20 pm : Subba Rao Kumar : Near Zero Waste : Approaches to Buildings and Cities
11:20am-12:15 pm : Hariharan Chandra, Ashish Rakheja : Q/A by

All Students are requested to read this and study the seven links that have been offered here for reading BEFORE the next Near Zero Dialog on May 07.

The seven questions at end of this material have to be answered and uploaded on the link mentioned at the end of the document.

Attached are a few websites that have reports, articles and primers on energy efficiency for students and others interested to know more about the subject. It serves as an informative background for the students ahead of the talk. It is highly recommended that these are studied with focus. This is a prerequisite for PJMT Certification of Learning.

Please seek guidance from your Faculty Heads. Thank you.

Reference Reading 01.

Presentation on solid waste

Reference Reading 02.

A basic primer on waste management

Reference Reading 03.

Challenges and opportunities associated with waste management in India

Reference Reading 04.

Recycling Statistics of different waste materials

Reference Reading 05.

A Comprehensive Study on Waste Segregation Techniques

Reference Reading 06.

Basics of Organic Waste Management

Questions for Participants to answer

1. Is segregation at source practicable in your area of living or work? Cited successful examples you know of.

2. How is Biomethanation embraced by other countries? Can you name them and give some examples.

3. If the waste is too small — say 250 kgs per day — is electricity generation possible out of Biomethanation? For 100 homes what will be approximate weight of wet organic waste?

4. Do you think Incineration which is in practice in some countries feasible in Indian scenario?

5. Instead of Mechanical STPs can we treat sewage with Biomethanation?

6. Of all that you have read on biomethanation plants in different countries. which country stands out as the best and most effective as technology goes?

7. Which is the single most important government regulation which you think will help biogas sector to be more economically viable?

Kindly submit yours Answers by May 07. on