Event - Lecture on Sustainability organized by Mr. Somashekhar, Mr. Vinod Maroli, Mr. Sriram
Organiser - IGBC Mysore Chapter
Venue - Mysore School of Architecture
Date - 18th January

Event - Green Building study mission by Mr. Zahabiya Bhabrawala
Organiser - IGBC Mumbai Chapter
Date - 20th January

Event - Workshop on "Sustainability in High rise Age"
Organiser - IGBC Bangalore Chapter
Date - 20th January

Event - Celebrating Anniversary week of Dr. Prem Jain
Organizer - ISHRAE Kolhapur Chapter
Venue - REFCON 2020, Kolhapur
Date - 22nd January

Event - Drawing Competition
Organiser - ASHRAE Delhi chapter
Venue - Raisina School, Kalkaji Delhi
Date - 23rd January

Event - "Implementing Indoor Environmental Quality Standard in Buildings for Better Places"
Organiser - IGBC Jaipur chapter
Venue - Auditorium, Bhamashah Techno hub, Jaipur
Date - 23rd January @ 03:45pm - 05:20pm

Event - International delegate hosting
Organiser - IGBC Hyderabad Chapter
Venue - IGBC, HQ, Hyderabad
Date - 23rd January

Event - Members Meet & Connect
Organiser - IGBC Ahmedabad chapter
Venue - CII House, Panchvati, Ahmedabad
Date - 23rd January @ 04:30pm - 06:30pm

Event - Presentation of The Path of Green to snr. EnHM, Station Manager, Indian Railway
Organiser - IGBC Hyderabad Chapter
Venue - Deccan Railway Station, Hyderabad

Event - Reflection by Mr Padu Padmanabhan, Mr V Suresh, Ar Sharukh Mistry, Mr Anil Dev, Dr Chandrasekar Harihran
Organiser - IGBC Bangalore Chapter
Date - 23rd January

Event - Green Building visit to AEON Office
Organiser - IGBC Delhi Chapter
Venue - AEON Office, NOIDA
Date - 23rd / 28th January @ 2:00 pm - 04:00 pm